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3 Month program, once a week, 3 sessions a month,
1 hour sessions

Price- $199.00 a month

You Are The Key!!

Entrepreneur and Life Purpose Coaching Program

Discovering your life purpose!

Do you feel you are an entrepreneur at heart?


Are you ready to take control of your life?

·         This coaching program is designed to help women create a business that will pay them to do what they love.

·         Are you ready to have fun, discover your power, passion, and purpose?

Summertime is your time to find what truly makes you happy!!

In this program

           1.    Setting the stage

Acknowledging where you are now, and where you want to be.

2.    Align Your Life

Start to align your life with who you truly are.

3.    Accessing Your Power

Knowing your values, traits, strengths and your potential is the key to unleashing your power.

4.    Get Out of Your Own Way

Identify and remove barriers and limited beliefs that are keeping you from moving forward.

5.    Create Your Vision

Action Steps to creating your vision for the future.

6.    Wrap-Up Session

Review and how to implement what you have learned as you move forward.




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